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"Grizzly Man" Timothy Treadwell's codename for a remote area of Kaflia Bay was "The Grizzly Maze" because of the labyrinth of tunnels in the thick underbrush made by bears. The bears are bigger and more aggressive in Kaflia Bay than in the more visited areas like Hallo Bay. In 2003 Treadwell and girlfriend Amy Huguenard were killed and eaten by a bear at their camp above upper Kaflia Lake. Our pilot Willie Fulton was Treadwell's friend and he discovered the bodies of Treadwell and Huguenard after the mauling. Treadwell and Huguenard are reportedly the only two people ever killed by bears in Katmai. Willy stopped at Kaflia Bay on our way back to Kodiak and there we saw the largest bears on our trip.
Cockpit of a 1960s DeHavilland Beaver floatplane...Our pilot Willy Fulton who...Willy Fulton and Buck Wilde...Upper and lower Kaflia Lake...

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