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Fifteen African Wild Dogs were introduced to Mashatu Game Reserve last year and the dogs are monitored and protected. You can see a radio collar on one dog. Recently pups were born to one of the females and the den area is off limits to vehicles.

The chances of seeing wild dogs, especially in action, are slim.

Our guide Eric got the call from another guide that wild dogs had taken down a large male warthog shortly after we left the elephant and her newborn calf.

Eric told us we had to drive quickly across the reserve without any stops because the wild dogs would quickly finish off the warthog.

I had hoped to photograph wild dogs but never thought I would get so lucky!

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ed rader
Brian -- thank you! two animals that i really wanted to see on safari were the wild dogs and the hyenas, and we saw both in action. the safari was amazing and i hope to make it back there some day.
Brian Healy Photography
Nice photos on your site Ed, and congrats on encountering the wild dogs! We were in Botswana in June, and saw some, but it was too dark, and they were moving too fast for photos. All around you have some great photos. I can't wait to get back to Africa....incredible isn't it?
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