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From Mala Mala we went to Mashatu Game Reserve which is in the Limpopo Valley of Botswana. The land was more arid, dusty and open than Mala Mala. On the drive from the Limpopo Airfield to the Mashatu Main Camp we saw a Kori Bustard, which is the heaviest bird that flies. It reminded me of a roadrunner on steroids.

On a game drive the first evening we saw three cheetahs harassing a very angry bat-eared fox. The next day we saw six more cheetahs, an elephant calf that had been born a couple of hours earlier and 15 wild dogs tearing apart a large male warthog.

We also saw hundreds of guinea fowl moving from the trees by the Limpopo River across the plains.

Our expectations were again exceeded as our amazing adventure continued.
the solitary Steenbok....Kori Bustard....Side-Striped Jackals....Baobab tree....Bat-Eared Foxes....Eland....resting against a mound of dried elephant dung....Impalas at the....a Rock Hyrax....Mashatu Game Reserve is in the Limpopo Valley of  Botswana....Aaron, our spotter....Eland....safari director Derek Solomon (left)....

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