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The abundance of wildlife in the Okavango Delta is stunning. We saw a pair of hippos mating as well as a leopard in a tree gnawing on the head of an impala it had killed the night before!

A highlight of our stay in Moremi was a procession of elephants that passed right by us in the delta, some turned their heads and gave us a glance as they silently marched by.

We stayed at Xakanaxa (ca-con-a-ca) tented camp which is on the water's edge. The camp is circled by an electric fence designed to thwart hippos and elephants but hippos did nevertheless breach the fence on several occasions while we were there. We were also visited by a marauding elephant on the last night when someone forgot to turn on the electric fence.

The tents are luxurious and life at Xakanaxa centers around a large decked area that has a swimming pool, open bar, dining hall and a circular deck over the water. In the tree above the circular deck a five-foot long water monitor regularly suns itself and a young crocodile called "popcorn" lives in the water below the deck.
Bill Branch is passionate about wildlife and ecology....a young baboon....sundown at Dead Tree Island....our tent....Hautlaub’s Babblers ....

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