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I was fortunate to be able to spend nearly a week in Yellowstone during the last week of September. My wife and I did a road trip to Yellowstone earlier in the year and we were amazed that it had taken us so long to see this great national park as well as the Grand Tetons.

I knew I had to come back in the fall.

Yellowstone boasts over 300 miles of paved roads and in the two road trips I logged 2000 miles in the park. I even drove some unpaved roads. The landscape is diverse and fascinating and even in June we experienced all four seasons in a day.

Except for the Grand Prismatic Crater you're not going to see the usual attractions -- e.g. Old faithful -- in this album. My interest is in wildlife and landscape.

All of the pictures from this trip can be seen here It's a work in progress that I am still adding to.

Thanks for looking!
The Madison Area is perfect habitat for Elk.A bull elk bugles with authority near the Madison River.I did a six-mile off road drive near Mammoth Hot Springs.It snowed a couple of days.A stand of dead saplings in Geyser Basin.Once the snow fell elk were more commonly seen.Grand Prismatic SpringThe Grand Tetons were obscured by clouds so I took what I could get at Oxbow Bend.Evening landscape by the Madison RiverBull Elk in his Prime.Stealth Tetonka startled a few people on their way to the chemical toilet.A splash of fall colors near Lamar Valley.Bison have the right of way in Yellowstone.Geyser Basin.A shot of the Grand TetonsAn alpha bull escorting a cow on a frigid morningThere is no Earl Scheib in West YellowstoneThree buddies on an epic fishing tripHa ha! 18" Rainbow TroutA young bull elk who may one day fight for the privilege to add his DNA to the Madison herd's genepool.

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