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The two things I will always remember about our stay at the Royal Livingstone Hotel is Victoria Falls and the thievin' Vervet Monkeys. The monkeys are absolutely scandalous. If you leave your sliding door open and turn your head these guys will dash into your room and start grabbing stuff. They zero in on the tray filled with coffee, tea, Cremora, sugar, artificial sweetener etc.

But the Monkeys will steal anything they can get their paws on. Some people really hate the monkeys. As I was checking out of the room I dumped packets of Cremora and sugar onto my patio table.

So I guess you know where I stand on the monkey issue.

Oh, the third thing I will always remember is the shower in our room, which was like standing under a waterfall!
with a homemade slingshot...."game drive" ....the edge of Victoria Falls....a low-fat breakfast....schoolgirls in Livingstone...a Vervet Monkey grooms her youngster....albino Vervet Monkey....albino Vervet Monkey....

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